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The ultimate draft kit

The Ultimate Draft Kit from our friends at the Fantasy Footballers is the premier draft kit on the market. Including rankings, projections, video profiles, and of course the exclusive Reception Perception from Matt Harmon. This digital draft kit our preforms those newsstand magazines AND is update throughout the draft season.

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Of course we all love draft day. But now, with the Draft app, you can enjoy the excitment of draft day, each and every week througout the season. The easiest way ever created to play daily fantasy sports now features Best Ball leagues!

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Fantasy Champs

Fantasy Champs is the place to go for your fantasy gear needs. They have trophies, plaques, rings, belts, draft boards, and you can even customize your own jersey for your fantasy team! Check out and use promo code FELLAS to save 10% on your order!


Fantasy pros

As seen on the Fantasy Football Fellas mock draft shows, Fantasy Pros' Draft Wizard is a tool that makes it simple to prepare for and nail your fantasy football drafts! Use the My Playbook tool to keep track of your leagues and nail your waiver wire.

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